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The course is about a creative blending of three art practices; nest created from natural found objects, metal wire sculptures and contemporary style of creating life size installation. This course is inspired by the idea of bower birds nest.we will create an amazing structure in human scale with designing the interior and outer space with metal,wood and natural found objects.This space will be an unique design filled with part interactive décor. Outside of this nest it will be designed maze like with found objects with color code. By doing this students will understand how to design an interesting space inspired from nature.How to build it in big scale& the possibilities of visualizing it in particular color theme.
Through the workshop students will have the opportunity to choose to work onthe following: (1) nest created from natural found objects (2) intricate design of 3D nest sculpture with metal wire (3) life size collaborative nest installation with metal & wood. They will also learn the artistic process: how an artist visualizes the idea, aesthetic & purpose of his creation and finally brings fruition.
At various times during the workshop, slide presentation & interactive session will be held with the students to clarify various concepts & processes. The points to be discussed include - Possibilities of the fusion of different materials and techniques, functional or non-functional, sizes, etc. The range of materials for this workshop will be metal, wood, metal wires, found objects, etc. Expenses for students: Material cost: Rs.1000/-. (NON-GPA).

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