Image source: Photo credit Inbal Marilli, Image source Center for the Living city

The Center for the Living City, founded in cooperation with Jane Jacobs in 2005, is a leading global urbanist organization, the purpose of which is to expand the understanding of contemporary urban life for the urgent advancement of social, economic and environmental justice. The Center is advancing and expanding the pilot ‘Observe! Patch’ program through this workshop which will develop civically engaged young voices that lead to local and global action in the places they care about which is the learning objective. The workshop is structured to map the community & design a sustainable vision plan for strategic actions.(1) Discover the community through new lens to record the components of the community which allow us to celebrate, heal, repair or transform them. The mapping will be done to understand the perceptual and sustainable aspects about the community, the skills for which will be enhanced through expert sessions and readings.(2) Connect with the peers and the members of the community to share the observations. This will be done through structured interviews and group discussions, followed by a Jane Jacobs Walk to share observations and make conversations. The summary of the walk will be presented as a collage of ideas for a sustainable community.(3) Visioning a strategic plan for making a sustainable community is the focus of the workshop. Each group of students respond to ideas explored by proposing an action plan to transform the community. The ideas will be shared with The Center for Living City and the community. On completion, the participants will receive ‘Observe’ Completion Certificates by The Center for the Living City. Expenses for students: Material cost:Rs.2000, local travel: Rs.500/-. (NON-GPA)

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