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‘Street Life Studies’ puts forward the premise that the vitality of public spaces hinges on their ability to facilitate a diversity of often unexpected usages, movements and interactions, by a broad spectrum of people, over varying time periods. It suggests that the street, as the fundamental public space of the city, is where this activity can and should occur.
Within this framework, the course suggests designers may need to take a more active role in understanding, first hand, the complexity of an environment, in this case the street, before designing for it. Student Learning outcome:
(1) Analyze: Undertake extensive on-field analysis of two urban streets in cross cultural locations. Identify, document, deconstruct and compare their spaces, systems, users and usages and interpret the driving forces behind them and key patterns arising.(2) Propose: Drawing directly from on-field street studies, identify an urban 'issue' that is small-scale and human-focused as the basis for the formulation of a design proposal.(3) Produce:Create quick, hand drawn and digitally post-produced images to visually communicate urban observations, data and design proposals, at a technically simple but graphically powerful level.(4) Collaborate: Work efficiently in small, multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural groups to complete a design task.(5) Interpret:Outline, at a rudimentary level, a series of key contemporary and historical urban approaches and classify the processes of this course within these. Use a number of nominated texts to more rigorously interrogate on-field observations. Expenses for students :- Materials :- Rs. 1500/-, Food & Stay :- Rs. 2000/- and Local Travel :- Rs. 500/-.

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