This course will take the students through the process of exploring the sketching skills by training them understand different spaces, apply a variety of textures through special techniques and pave way for increasing one’s visual abilities.

Sketching and drawing is a great way to improve one’s creative skills and start thinking in a different way. Art encourages open ended thinking and creativity. These can be really helpful for personal development and solving problems. This Workshop is based on the Innovation and Exploration of different techniques of Free hand sketching and drawing, by working on Paper with different media like pencil, charcoal, water colours, using Photographs and computer applications. The students will be taken for outdoor visits, and will be encouraged to do on the spot sketching activities. They will also be participating in taking photographs of surrounding natural elements and develop sketches/drawings from those photographs. This activity will create an opportunity for creative thinking and help in developing their visualization and graphic skills. Output will be in form of photographs and drawings.

Expenses for students: Material cost: Rs.400/-

Course Faculty