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Application Process

Select Courses

Go to the course selection tab on top. Browse through the courses by scrolling down. You can apply filters as per your requirement. Download the course poster with work plan. Select courses by clicking the enroll check box of the courses. Go to Set course priority.

Set Course Priority

You change the priority by editing the text box on left side of the course. In the same page set course credits you want to apply for. Select the number of credits you would like to choose for this school. Your fees and the courses allotted to you would be based on your selection of credits. You can choose maximum 10 credits. Go to payment of fees.

Pay Fees

You can pay the fees by online mode of payment.

Accept Courses

After allocation you can accept the course or drop the course by selecting appropriate option.


  • "It was a great experience overall."


  • s
  • "To me SWS is a great concept, i have never ever participated in such platform. It is an amazing and thrilling experience, i really liked it."

    ESHA JAISWAL, Student

  • "SWS was a different experience for us."

    N HARIRAMAN, Student

  • "We get to learn parametric course and this was my first experience. We learned few useful softwares like rhino, grasshopper, 3d printing, laser cutting. Overall it was a wonderful experience."