A place to pause and the stories of temporal living
Image source: left: artnindia.com . right: techmideast.com, collection of the Harvard University art museum

In the attempt of living in particular places and settings, man develops diverse relationships with his fellow men, plants, trees, animals, birds, sun, water, and other elements. These relationships shape various ways of living and diverse forms of architecture that facilitate them. This process is dynamic in nature; with every small change in the living pattern, a space is continuously interpreted, adjusted, and modified in response. Architecture, thus, can also be perceived as a manifestation of the interrelated stories of all beings; an armature for social, cultural, and environmental processes.

How this process takes shape and how a built environment continuously adapts to various co-existing stories of its inhabitants is the central inquiry of this workshop. Through collaborative design exercises, we will explore the making, functioning, and adaptive modifications of a given architectural space and its contextual setting. Exploring the space from the perspective of individual characters inhabiting the given site, the participants will be producing conceptual story drawings as the medium of exploration as well as deliverables.

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