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As designers, we have the power and responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to what we create regardless of ability, context, or situation. The great thing about making our work accessible is that it brings a better experience to everyone. According to WHO survey about 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability and is on the rise due to population ageing and rapid spread of chronic diseases. Our design fraternity has to take up these challenges and create a barrier-free accessibility and environment with easy access for all. People with various disabilities or reduced mobility should be able to use any product, device, service or environment with the same level of efficiency, usability & satisfaction as for people without disability. Inclusive and Universal design will create a better tomorrow. "Being inclusive is being cool".
This course will be mostly a CEPT campus based exercise with some necessary field surveys for a better understanding and successful learning of the subject.
Expenses for Students - Local Travel - Rs. 1000/-

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