Addressing Water Security through Waterbody Health Management
Image source: Down to Earth 2020

India is endowed with extraordinarily diverse and distinctive traditional water bodies found in different parts of the country. The negligence of water bodies and catchments areas is an outcome of the mindset of valuing land more than water. In the last few decades, water bodies have been under continuous and unrelenting stress, caused primarily by rapid urbanization and unplanned growth. Encroachment of water bodies has been identified as a major cause of flash floods in Indian cities. Therefore the major challenge is pollution and deterioration of surface and groundwater bodies in rapidly growing cities and elsewhere in the developing world. It is quite evident that the understanding of causes and measures that lead to improvement of water body health degradation is limited. In order to address water body health-related issues, a proper health assessment system is to adopt. A comprehensive sustainable approach to address water security challenges requires conscious effort to relook into the health of water bodies and their strategic management.

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