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The course aims to develop understanding of fundamentals of architectural Photography through intense exercises at Monuments, Landscapes, life & environment at Hampi.
Hampi, a world heritage site, is famous for its ruins belonging to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijaynagar.The Temples, Monolithic Sculptures and monuments of Hampi offers many possibilities to sensibly develop skills for visualization of final photographic image and learning techniques to achieve it.
To create understanding of history, architectural form and spaces, an Art Historian will be invited to brief about the importance of history & architecture at Hampi.
It is important to understand how human eyes perceive built space and how camera optics can capture it. Through observation of the surfaces, shapes, forms and textures of built spaces, the course will deal with techniques to address various challenges of photographing architectural buildings and spaces. Camera operations, measuring exposure, selecting frames, creative exposure techniques and the post processing will help to develop photographic skills and ways of looking at things.Participant must be familiar with a basic operation of Camera with Manual mode, Must have required equipment
Expenses for Students - Local Travel - Rs. 7500/-; Food & Stay - Rs. 14000; Material Cost - Rs. 1500

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