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Affordable housing is the driver for the real estate sector in India at present. Unprecedented rate of migration from rural to urban areas coupled with one of the biggest real estate bull runs in Indian history, have created a huge unfulfilled demand for reasonably priced quality homes. The problem in India is unique as the affordable housing umbrella not only encompasses what would be generally termed as social housing in other economies - basic housing for people that is heavily or wholly subsidized by the government but part subsidized low income homes, shared rental accommodation, starter homes and even homes for middle income group.
There have been multiple challenges for creating a sufficient stock of housing in India, primary amongst them are lack of public transport,an outdated public policy framework,lack of infrastructure : roads, water, sewage and social,problems with land titles,lack of finance.
The course will be divided into modules to address each topic on an individual level and see how it all ties together for a holistic solutions with the final submission being a proposal that would offer solutions on individual or multiple issues,
1. Design, 2. Technology and costs, 3. Policy, 4. Financing / Economics, 5. Urban Context.
Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs.500/ as mentioned in expenses.

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