AI-driven Text Prompt to Design Visual: Form-finding with Words
Image source: Course Tutor

Can we turn our words into space visualization? Indeed, we can! What may have seemed like a distant utopian possibility is now a reality with emerging text-to-image applications driven by AI algorithms.

The course will explore this new method of form-finding with words. MidJourney – an online AI-driven text-to-image – shall be used as the tool to turn design descriptions into visualisations. Such methods are trained on pre-existing word - image associations on the internet. Therefore, they are capable of taking advantage of all cultural, aesthetic, practical, technical and political resources on the internet to computationally churn out images. Once an image is generated from only a text prompt as input, the user may decide to generate new images from the same text prompt or use another text prompt. The process is best suited for fast ideation in the early-stage design process.

The course will have a parallel series of lectures on overview of AI tools in designing, and working concepts behind text-to-image algorithms. After the technical tutorials, participants will work on a series of text-to-image visualizations on a topic or context of their choosing.

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