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In this short course, we will cover the core concepts of programming through creative design applications.
Computation has a long history with the Design profession and is only increasing as a core skill within the practice. Software, optimization, form generation, documentation, fabrication, digital interfaces, are all becoming critical parts of output and practice across the many design fields. Knowledge of and mastery over how these systems work, interact with each other, and can be creative mediums in-of-themselves is opening doors for designers to differentiate their work.
This course aims to expose students to core concepts of programming and how they can be used within the design practice and towards designerly ends. The power and possibility of code are so much more tangible when it is used to design, rather than learnt through the standard [boring] computer science pedagogy. Exercises will teach the basics of Algorithmic languages like Python and JavaScript and touch upon important computer-science concepts through their manifestations in design.
Some areas of application include the integration of code with CAD, using the code in conjunction with manufacturing systems (CAM/CNC), using code to create interactive experiences. The participants should have basic knowledge of Rhino software.
Expenses for Students :- Material Cost - Rs.2500/-.

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