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A book not only varies in terms of subject but in format as well. It is is not just formed with a combination of 2D rectangular pages but can also have an interactive 3D structure. It is not neccesary for a book to be of long narrative mass produced but can be of very less text, limited edition book or unique handmade artist book - which are called movable handmade books. In this course students will be taught few formats of movable books like-origami book, shape book, ministar book,, "M" fold explosion book, tunnel book, pop up stage book etc. There will be step by step thorough guidance of page making, gluing and sticking pages, book binding & how to put contain inside those books by exploring the alternative formats of book making. Students will enhance their - sense of design, illustration,drawing skill, paper cutting and folding skill and understand different papers as materials. Creativity and ingenuity of pop up folds will merge together with aesthetics and naratives to make movable books.Apart from getting immense pleasure of making their own book, this course can be beneficial for students to make unique presentations as well.
Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 2000/- as mentioned in expenses.

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