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Immersion in an environment is recognized as a valuable method for learning and in relation to the built form, direct experiences of a wide variety contributes to the richness of learning process. Considering this significance, this course continues the effort of the Faculty of Architecture program inculcating in students the appreciation of Indian institution and settlement. The intention of this course is to introduce a direct and hands-on approach to studying of the built-environment by being physically present on the site and observing, recording and measure-drawing the place. Emphasis will be on understanding an existing built-form by documenting its organization and occupation, activities and uses, and materials and techniques of construction. Students will be introduced to the skill of documentation through a range of measuring and mapping exercises. Likewise, they will be also exposed to appropriate modes of representation through drawings.
Usually during a regular term, a student of architecture is introduced to various aspects of built-environment through studios, lectures and workshop based courses. This course presents an opportunity to understand those facets of architecture, through tactile and bodily experiences. The course will train rigorous documentation in ascribed ways, accuracy in measuring; collating the recorded information and drawing them up in a specified formats and scales will all be part of this course. Specific inputs on the methods of observation, recording, documenting and representing along with other examples will be presented and discussed, both on the site and in the studio, during the course of the program.
Expenses for Student - Food & Stay- Rs. 15000/-, Local Travel - Rs. 1000/- Material Cost - Rs. 1000/-

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