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Though the use of ordinary paper is gradually declining due to the rapid growth of electronic media, speciality papers always draw attention for their uniqueness. The primary objective of the course will be to understand the possibilities to create such paper. It can be an art piece by itself or exist as a core component for constructing artifacts. Students will be involved in three directional investigations, first will be to understand the potentialities of different types of pulp and paper, second to create exclusive papers and art objects by exploring various paper-making techniques during the process of making and third will be to creative application of speciality papers by intelligent thinking and develop prototypes. Please note that the students will be required to have certain materials for the course such as wooden frames, plastic tub, plastic bowl, nylon scrubbing brush, sponge cube, poplin fabric, felt, synthetic dupatta, surgical tape, small needle & thread, newspaper, flower seeds, permanent marker, scissors, cutter, butter knife, old magazine, coloured thread, wool & cord, fabric remnants, incense stick, match box, apron.
Expenses for Students- Material Cost: Rs 4000/, Local Travel: Rs 500/ as mentioned in expenses.

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