Art of Storytelling: a visual narrative of people and places
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Journaling, as a narrative medium, is a way to express experiences/stories/memories of all the intangible associations that one has or develops by occupying a space over a period of time. This eventually transforms them into powerful meaningful places that have stories to tell and worth documenting. This workshop offers insight on how observations and interpretations (stories) associated with people and places, be narrated by prioritising drawing/journalling as a skill and way of documenting.

We as designers associate with people and places and think what we experienced have some significance. While doing so, we have memories of particular times, people and places that connect emotionally. The most common method of documenting is either by making architectural drawings or taking photographs. In doing so, often these narratives become two-dimensional, “flat” representations. These stories act as single layer representation that tells noting of culture, history, lifestyles, sensorial experiences, etc. Hence through the medium of journaling, one can develops a unique language of representation, which is a multiple-layered representation that takes one back and forth in time.

The key learning outcome of this workshop will be to develop among designers, the ability to translate the intangible experiences, memories and associations that they develop with places, structures & landscapes, into a collective and interactive visual narrative.

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