As-built documentation and 3D modeling using Terrestrial scanner
Image source: UG Thesis

Capturing and modeling 3D information of the built environment is a big challenge. Building renovation is a growing trend in the construction sector. The amount and granularity of information needed for renovation design are growing in tandem with the fields of architecture, construction, engineering and building management. One should not overlook the importance of cost-efficiency. In order to design cost-efficient renovation works, it is important to have at hand accurate data reflecting the existing situation. This will ultimately be the basis of all design processes and can affect the allocation of costs. Visualization of digital real-time 3D model helps in scrolling around at different nooks and corners of the building for a survey which is not possible through conventional mapping techniques. Terrestrial laser scanning is an advanced technique that has been used around the world in recent years for documentation and mapping of buildings with historic value, construction project/infrastructure monitoring, mapping of cities, and a lot more survey. This course deals with preparing as-built drawings and 3D models of an existing building using a Terresrtrail scanner.

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