Beginner's Class: Wheel Thrown Pottery
Image source: Snehal Kashikar, Cept Workshops

The course introduces students to the practice of wheel thrown pottery. It is a workshop based course with a hands-on approach, learning by making in a workshop based environment. It's is an opportunity to experience hands-on wheel pottery and explore clay forms using potters wheel as a tool to design. Students will intensively engage in the practice to develop basic level skills in pottery. They will develop various shapes and forms with focus on form, proportion, function, details of handles, lids, knobs. They will learn to prepare and knead clay and experience loading and firing of electric kiln.
Students will also intensively study pottery designs through sketching and drawing of functional wares in ceramics.
Students will practice basic steps of throwing clay starting from wedging, kneading and centering clay on an electric potter's wheel. They will learn skills to open out and pull up clay walls to form basic cylinder form and practice to create basic shapes of bowls & mugs. They will be introduced to detailing and finishing that includes turning and trimming a pot, adding a clay handle. At the end of the course, each participant will have gained beginner's proficiency in t

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