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This course will provide an introduction to ‘biomimicry’, a new & emerging science & discipline where patterns found in nature (especially biology) are emulated to find sustainable and better solutions to human challenges. Nature’s solutions have evolved over a period of 3.8 billion years under the same conditions, limits and boundaries of our planet as we live in. Hence the technologies and patterns in nature are among the best & time tested sustainable solutions we can learn from. This course will introduce participants to new methods and tools that help us look at nature as a source of ideas and solutions, & to observe & understand nature by ‘function’. The 'Biomimicry' approach equips one to be able to consciously learn from nature and create nature inspired innovations/solutions to human challenges, especially in the field of design, engineering and business. Biomimicry is a multidisciplinary and systems based approach and the forms, processes and systems which are designed using Biomimicry help in creating/enhancing conditions conducive to life & eliminating/minimising the risk of harming the environment. The application of biomimicry approach is relevant and applicable at various scales, from non-toxic adhesives that emulate the micro-structure of hair on a Gecko’s foot, to organization decision making that mimic ant colonies to urban scale systems that mimic forest eco-systems. During the course the participants will get to see and learn something new about the amazing patterns and solutions in nature and how these can inspire innovation at various levels of product, process and policies.
Expenses for Course - Material Cost - Rs. 500/-, Local Travel - Rs. 1500/-.

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