Braids of Joy
Image source: Workshop outcome at CEPT_SWS2021. PC_ErrollPires_ShubhraSingh

The craft of Camel Belt making utilizing the technique of Ply-Split Braiding comes from the western desert region of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is an age-old craft and uses a lesser known, non-loom technique. The course offers an opportunity to understand the craft through a practice based approach. The participants would be encouraged to probe into the larger contexts, deeper connotations, realities and lives associated with the craft. The course is structured in a manner that a gradual understanding would get developed from the point of view of creation, starting from the felt need for creating, materials, processes, finishes, end uses, contemporary expressions etc. A visit to the market is a must to be incorporated. The technique would be slowly demonstrated, session after session. Then through practice, discussions and further inquiry, new creations are expected to be visualised and brought to life by the participants under the guidance of the instructors.

Course Faculty