Braids of Joy: Create, Deconstruct, Mend, Reconstruct
(using Ply-Split Braiding)
Image source: Workshop outcome at Kanoria Centre for Arts_17-19 September 2021. PC_Shubhra Singh

The craft of Camel Belt making utilizing the technique of Ply-Split Braiding comes from the western desert region of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is an age-old craft and uses a lesser known, non-loom technique. The course offers an opportunity to understand the craft through a practice based approach. The specificity of the materials would be shared to equip and empower the participants to make the right choice while visiting the market for material procurement. The right choice, to contribute as part of their contribution towards the whole. Using the collected materials, the course would begin with all the participants working on a huge form, collectively. The understanding of the various structures and the nuances of the technique would be learnt on the go. The created outcome would then be deconstructed with the awareness of its reconstruction with the aid of mending, to save the fragments from disintegrating, fraying.
This would lead to the reassembling of the fragments to present another view, another story, another tactile experience: A new outcome.
willingness to learn with an open heart

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