Branding 101
Image source: graphic created by Misri Patel

Branding is a marketing practice that all design professionals can benefit from. Attracting your potential clients or customers to use your design services or products, in the era of immense competition requires you to convince them that they are making the right choice before they even engage you. In some ways, this is similar to making a selection of a laptop or a car or a restaurant or a vacation before trying it out. We either trust the manufacturer or seller or make an opinion based on reviews or just give in to appealing graphics. While some products and services rise to the level of being recognized brands and enjoy cult following, others may attract us through its novelty or proximity or may be its pricing. Thus, for design professionals, whether they are building their own brand or designing for other brands, knowledge of the fundamentals of branding can help them improve their and their client's bottomline.

So, what exactly is Branding? Simply put, it is an exercise in strategy making. Like designing, it is a simple process in theory but the practical nuances make this strategy making exercise challenging as well as rewarding. It is a skill that can be honed. It can also be seen as a complimentary subject like music or physics or psychology that can help you develop a layered approach to design. This course format is thus developed for the participants to understand components that form the core of branding. It will include topics such as brand positioning, brand touchpoint management and beyond. The course will engage the participants into a strategy making exercise that will be analyzed and evaluated by peers such that the participants develop a Branding 101!

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