Calligraphy: From Conventional to Unconventional
Image source: Artist's own work

The workshop will focus on the basics of basic calligraphy. Since in India we have so many spoken languages and written scripts, calligraphy is the very essential art of writing the languages. The workshop will clear the conception and misconception about calligraphy and its use in visual communication. The objective of the course is to understand hand, eye and mind coordination through the practice of basic calligraphy. Through this course, students will learn basic strokes, a combination of strokes, pattern through strokes, negative and positive space around letters of calligraphy. It will also give a basic understanding of the tools and techniques of calligraphy. Through practice, similarity analysis of Devnagari letterforms can be carried out. At last, fonts can be developed through the stylization of calligraphic letterforms which will help to create any logo or symbol as well as to create expressive visual communication.

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