Charting the Narratives of Nawanpind, Punjab
Image source: Course Tutors

Nawanpind, a village in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, was established a century ago around the time when the Upper Bari Doab Canal (UBDC) was built, carrying water from the river Ravi to Amritsar and Lahore. While the historical narrative around the building of canals and canal colonies in Punjab is quite interesting, the village has a large ancestral house that embodies an interesting medieval historical narrative which extends to the colonial era. The architectural form, spatial configuration, use of materials, etc is a treasure trove of information on that period’s building systems lending insights into the socio-cultural dimensions of the rural cultural landscape. Houses of the village built around this main house capture the transformation and aspirations of the community. The village embeds these very narratives from the UBDC, the main house, the community dwellings around, and further extends to structures like New Egerton Mills, a century old historic mill in the town of Dhariwal, 10 km West on the UBDC. This Summer School invites students to chart out these histories pertaining to the town’s planning, architecture, socio-cultural, economic, and political history.

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