Cities, Covid and Technology
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A pandemic is generally defined as a new disease that rapidly spreads in a number of countries and continents. Cities across the globe, accounting for about 55% of the world’s population are faced with managing the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), the most recent pandemic that has resulted in unprecedented social and economic impact on society.

From understanding concepts like Open data, Internet of Things,Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Control Command Centres ( or War Rooms ), Drones etc, this course explores how cities around the world and in India are using technology as a tool to tackle various aspects of the disaster, namely the covid-19 pandemic.

The course will also explore the impact of the pandemic on areas like education, businesses etc and the use of technology in these areas to mitigate this impact. The use of technology in combating the pandemic may also curtail human freedom, raise ethical questions and bring about security challenges, which will be discussed in the course.

The output of the course would be an understanding of how different technologies are used in different cities, countries to mitigate the disaster.

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