Components of Industrial Infrastructure Development
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Any state or country requires industrial development to happen in planned and structured manner. The infrastructure created in this manner helps the region to attract investment in terms industrial units setting up their shops. NOIDA, Pipri - Chinchvad, Hinjwadi, Dahej etc are the examples for such planned infrastructure development (as industrial parks and region) which is for different sectors
Often a group of same industries is settled as a cluster at a place which is supported by the Government with incentives.
This course explores different components of planned industrial development right from policy incentives to planning to implementation and maintenance.
Different Industrial park structures like ISEZ, FTWZ, Mega Food Park, IT Park, SIR etc will be covered in the course. Different sector specific park and requirement of specific infrastructure will also be dealt with in the course.
Industrial park by the private developer is also real estate. The elements of such real estate development like land, finance and marketing will be covered in this course

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