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Documentation and actual hands on experience are two of the most immersive ways to learn construction. Engaging in making enables us to experience coordination between various agencies, knowledge about the use of materials, application of tools and techniques to execute construction. Ability to constructively think means an innate competence to differentiate tasks and anticipate consequence of one action on other.In a way, making involves a multitude of activity that trains students to be in the company of each other to support construction.
This course will be conducted in a rich experimental context of Auroville (Pondicherry).Students will be exposed to substantial architectural work existing and happening in and around this place. They will largely work with bamboo as a construction material in order to build a community project.
They will learn the following 1) To be able to detail out, visualize and execute a structure in bamboo as per the given drawing and specification. 2) To be able to distinguish and plan out shop and site work. 3) To be able to sequence the construction process by breaking it into parts and assembling them on site. 4) To identify and apply regulating lines and levels for construction. 5) To be able to anticipate and detail out for tolerances.
The course will allow students to interact with artisans, architects and professionals working in this area.
Expenses for Students - Local Travel - Rs. 2000/- ; Food & Stay - Rs. 14000/- ; Material Cost - Rs. 1000/-

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