Contained Landscapes
Image source: credits: Fatehdeep Singh

Traditional gardening in the urban context offers many limitations owing to the lack of access to land in most cases. ‘Green’ in the urban context, especially in our private residential areas start to address landscapes that are further contained on raised beds, devoid of their connection to the ground, adding constraints and challenges to the idea of a garden. Urban gardening can be orchestrated such that it embraces the idea of ecology, productivity, and aesthetics along with an individual’s aspirations of a garden. With the right exposure towards the plants available in a given region, along with an understanding of the native and wild flora, the palette of the container gardens can be planned and designed being sensitive to cycles of plant growth and maintenance amongst other things. The course opens up discussions on the need for contained landscapes and what they can begin to house to give new meanings to urban gardening. The participants will work on their individual containers (single or multiple), preparing a palette of plants that would grow along with other elements suited to their aspirations of a garden.
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