Contemporization of Furniture through Diagrams
Image source: ‘Danish Chairs’ by Oda Noritsugu

Furniture pieces have a personal connection with the human body; factors like anthropometry, ergonomics, tactility, character etc. play a very important role in designing a furniture. Also, furniture pieces, just like architecture, demand an in-depth understanding of structure, material, construction etc.. A quick study of a furniture will give a wholesome experience of most of the design principles, it is easier to explore these aspects and to promptly test the same, thus furniture is a very convenient scale to experiment with. This course will primarily focus on initiating an experimental design process to contemporize a piece of furniture via its analysis through the given parameters, that will be carried out mainly through diagrams. This course will offer an opportunity for designers to develop a rational way of thinking and an eye for observation. Skills of manual presentation will be of utmost importance to communicate and document the process and output. Sarabhai foundation has opened up their archive of valuable furniture pieces for Faculty of Design, along with the permission to visit their premises- Shanti Sadan campus throughout the duration of the course.

Course Faculty