Creative Transformation of Waste Material
Image source: Students Work

This course is related to the management of the waste generated at construction/interior sites. Our focus will be on ‘Reuse’. Because each material cannot be effectively and efficiently recycled.Once the interior work is over, it is a major project to manage the waste.‘Creative transformation’ means the reuse of waste material to make best interior or day to day products, which are attractive and useful. They can be made in a bulk and sold in the market too. And it’s a step towards waste management to reduce land pollution to a little extent, showing gratitude to mother earth. We will use materials from different types of waste/ scrap, like Leftover Tiles,Stones,sand, pebbles,P.O.P, timber waste like wood pieces, M.D.F.,Ply Foam sheets Plastic waste PVC pipes,Clear Sheets, wire Mash, wires, 8mm.rods,Steel panels etc.Will start with P.P.T regarding how difficult is waste management, how we can reuse some of the waste. Could call a exper from A.M.C waste management dept.,will visit nearby sites and collect waste materials. All the materials will be segregated according to their properties &usability, Will discuss, how can all these materials be
creatively transformed into product.

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