Critical Thinking & Argumentation
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Whatever emotions we feel are determined by our thinking. Whatever we want–all our desires–are determined by our thinking. If our thinking is unrealistic,it will bring many disappointments. If our thinking is clear and logical, naturally we will achieve success. Also, most people are in many ways victims of their thinking; that is,they are hurt rather than helped by it. Critical Thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. Argumentation means“reason giving”.Critical Thinking & Argumentation include the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking using reasoned and valid arguments. It demands evaluating information and thoughts in a disciplined way, moreover, it provides keys for unlocking our own intellectual independence leaving us willing and able to explore and solve problems for ourselves. It moves us away from rash conclusions, bad arguments and reluctance to question received wisdom, authority or tradition. It moves us towards intellectual discipline, the clear expression of ideas and the acceptance of personal responsibility for our own thinking. Critical Thinking is the process by which we develop and support our beliefs, and evaluate the strength of arguments made by others in real-life situations. We will practice some of the most central and important skills of critical thinking, and focus on applying those strategies to understanding current issues and belief systems. We will analyze media, the current political environment, our own beliefs and moral inclinations. You will learn to appraise information and influences, discuss controversial topics intelligently, and construct well-reasoned arguments on a variety of topics.
Expenses for Students : Material cost : Rs.500/- as mentioned in expenses.

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