Cultural landscapes of the Himalayas: Kinnaur Valley
Image source: Hango community

A cultural landscape presents living testimony to the engagement of humans with their surroundings. It reveals people's ability to function and create an inter-linked environment. Kinnaur, a valley of Sutlej is one of the most sparsely populated parts of India. A fertile valley, known for its apple orchards, is a difficult lifestyle due to its extreme climate and landscape. This course will study the man-nature relationship in the valley by living amidst its villages and sharing their life for a small duration.

Hango is a village suspended between Kinnaur and Spiti valleys. Here, one will explore, observe and learn about the tangible as well as intangible associations existing in the village. The summer school explores the character of landscape, and its evolution up to its present form. This would be achieved by means of studying the settlement, its geographical setting, ethnobotanical knowledge and folk traditions.

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