Data Analytics: Tools and Techniques
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This course brings understanding about techniques of data analytics that helps to describe, infer and predict from the data.
Understanding data processing will help one to carry out preliminary statistical operations. Further, univariate and bivariate analysis will help one to prepare and interpret cross tables and also to learn computation of Rank orders and analysis. Step-wise testing of hypotheses will be explained thoroughly and also hypotheses about means will be discussed with examples. The meaning and assumptions of carrying out Analysis Of Variance will be discussed with exercise. One will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of parametric and non-parametric tests and its applications. Further, four advanced data analytics techniques will be dealt with viz. Correlation and regression, Factor Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and Cluster Analysis.
The course will enhance one's skills with spreadsheet especially with reference to statistical functions. In addition to this, SPSS know-how and commands will also be taught to sharpen one's competences. Useful hands-on exercise with illustration will surely make the learning enjoyable.

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