Data Collection and Management Made Easy : App Based Spatial and Non Spatial Techniques
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Collecting data efficiently is critical to most urban projects. Traditional methods of pen and paper data collecting are fast being replaced by digital tools. Efficiently and correctly collected data can help speed up projects dramatically by reducing the need for data cleaning. Modern tools also enable data to be monitored, managed and communicated in real time - basic analysis and making charts and tables in Excel is fast becoming redundant. Data solutions for urban professionals also need to be mobile, so that fieldwork can be conducted efficiently.

If you're wanting to become an independent researcher or you are shortly going to be starting your thesis, this course is for you and can save you hours of time and effort. Students will learn the fundamental principles of digital database design, data collection and data management. The students will use both free and paid software to collect different types of data and the latest available tools to integrate data from various sources into usable visualizations. By the end of this course, there will be no type of data that you will not be able to collect, organize and manage, all without the use of a single pen or paper.

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