Decoding the Art of Renovation
Image source: Course Faculty

Renovation is truly an art in which we use the existing space and resources to give a new shape by adding life to an old building. Renovation is more difficult than constructing a new house since there are many challenges like space constraints, building stability, revamping building services, design flexibility, and many more. This course aims to simplify the process of renovation by dividing it into six phases which are Planning stage, Analysis stage, Design development, Construction stage Post-construction stage and Finishing stage By the end of this course, you will be able to completely renovate a row house, apartment or bungalow from scratch to final handover. The art of renovation has been decoded after the hands-on experience of many residential and commercial projects. The outcomes and learning of doing renovation projects have been showcased in a strategic way to help young architects and designers to take their designing ability to next level using practical insights.

Course Faculty