Design | Fabricate | Experience : Climate Responsive Envelopes and the Digital World
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Building Envelopes of the digital age, are thin yet extremely sophisticated products of design often overlooked and simplified to just mere attempts of expression. Being the very interface, the medium, and the transitional buffer between the outside and the inside, they are the immediate elements over which the phenomena of weather are unleashed. And under the harsh sun, or the bustling monsoon winds, or the dust storms and the blinding sun light, the envelope must be prepared, be resilient, and become ‘smart’ to react.

The Contemporary Envelopes are no more restricted by bounds of manufacturing feasibility and constraints of fabrication. Novel invention in fabrication such as 3D printing, CNC, Robotics have opened many doors for customisation to occur at no additional cost in time or material.

And so now through the means of these cutting edge softwares, we are able to take complex building envelopes, even with double curvatures, and perform on them climatic and contextual analysis. Inferences from which are further used to optimise envelopes themselves and provide appropriate response to climate and context through the addition of intelligent architectural features.

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