Designed Obsolescence
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"It is in our human psychology to have the desire to own products that are new, different, more in the style of the moment. It is the ethos of the marketing and sales departments at most companies. Obsolescence plays into a human psychological ‘weakness’ and companies are making use of it in order to sell more products. These are new products we don’t really need and are not genuinely better than the ‘old’ products we are replacing. Short time satisfaction that leaves us with a lot of stuff we don’t need. It simply leaves us with a lot of waste. Far from being sustainable." - An excerpt from a video by Vitsoe, a design driven furniture company.

Planned obsolescence works very well in selling more products, which has driven most companies to do the single most important thing of their agenda : sell more products and generate higher recurring profits.

The purpose of this course is to analyse critically the current industrial production, in our case furniture production which is designed for disposal. In this course we will learn a facet of 'obsolescence' that gives an extra dimension to an object which is built to last, or be twice as beautiful if it lasts half the expected time.

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