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In this course, we will explore advancing in photography.
Many people get a DSLR, start shooting and then do not move on from basic snapshots.
The course helps an individual understand the aspects of advanced photography, from Vision, to abstracts and the appeal of black and white photography. Vision is a part of an individual's life and photography that gradually takes place, helps the photographer develop critical thinking, helps their photography advance, and shapes what they 'see'.
The course would mainly be focused on 1) Vision 2) Importance of Black And White in photography 3) Fine Art Photography 4) Finding Abstraction and importance of Abstracts 5) Landscape and Architectural examples from prominent photographers 6) Practical implementation/critique of student's findings after the course. At the end of the course students would be required to submit photographic examples of their ability and understanding of the course
Students are required to have a basic knowledge of photography. Having a DSLR or Compact camera is necessary for the purposes of the course. Portfolio and further course details/links on this shared folder.
Expenses for Students :- Materials - Rs. 1500/-

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