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Digital Crafts is a series of workshop which started with SWS program at CEPT University in 2013. Advancements in digital technology offer various tools for form making that negotiates between Design to Production.
The workshop is a continuation of Digital Crafts 2016 (Outcome of which is built in the Riverfront Park, Shahibag Ahmedabad). An ongoing research on material and construction technique lead us to the successful construction of laminated dome in clay tiles. "Game Pavilion" is a live project for which Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has granted a site in Riverfront Park Usmanpura, Ahmedabad. Programmatic requirement includes three components: board games for various age group, a reading room and a cafe. The workshop will focus on generating timber grid shell structure using computational tools. The design will be optimized, both in terms of geometry and structure followed by digital fabrication. Fabrication techniques will explore two directions. One, hybrid, that comprises 3D printed joints and timber laths. Second CNC milled reciprocal frames. Appropriate material (Pine or Western Hemlock) will be provided based on the designs generated. Students will make scale models (1:5) and 1:1 scale prototypes. Simulation results of the structural analysis will be compared with physical load testing.
Beyond Winter School 2018, student's design will be built on site as a future scope of work for ongoing Digital Crafts research.
Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs. 3000/, Local travel : Rs.500/ as mentioned in expenses.

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