Dissecting the City - Innovative Methods in Urban Research
Image source: Typographic maps by Paula Scher

When the COVID 19 Pandemic hit the world in early 2020, the inevitable lockdowns forced us to critically reflect on our existing perceptions of the city. The pandemic explicitly revealed several non-physical layers of the city that make the experience ‘urban’.As all socio-economic & political interactions ceased,we witnessed the Non-City - an entity that had the infrastructure laid out across space, but was completely devoid of the Modern Urban experience.The Pandemic revealed to us that the city is much more than just statistics, buildings & infrastructure & that we must develop mechanisms to study the intangible city with deserving academic depth.This course aims at equipping students with tools & techniques that enable them to dissect the city for its many dynamic layers.It introduces concepts of research methodology,through a studio based approach, guides the students towards developing their own innovative research methods in order to study & document some rather elusive & intangible aspects of the urban experience such as memory, time, smell, sound, identity, & sight.Basic understanding of Drawing/Drawing Software, Enthusiasm for understanding Logical thinking.

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