Image source: Harsh Bhavsar

“Diu Fest” is an artistic collaboration set in the former Portuguese colony of Diu, union territory just off the coast of India’s northwest state of Gujarat. The primary agenda of the project is an inspired foray into spatial interpretations related to colonial memory and historiography, conducted through recorded performance. The project will utilize the signature venues of sea, beach, citadel, shipyard and harbour as key sites within an elemental datum. Colonial Memory: Can you see it? Can you interpret it? Can you respond to it? “Pivot” and “edge” define the methods to be employed across media and events. “Pivot” defines the Situationist-inspired détournement of colonial memory and its institutional formulations overwritten in time, while “edge” defines the elaboration of immemorial echoes in the Diu landscape – e.g., “echoes” historical or otherwise. The primary thematic sessions are: “Net + Fish”; “Wind + Water”; “Citadel + Marsh”. The program includes a two-day seminar at CEPT, on issues in historiography, with eight days on Diu, and two closing days at CEPT for post production. Film essay, photo essay and spatial essay are to be the outputs by students working collectively with faculty, with framing of the inquiry to be developed over the full 14 days of the festival. Ahistorical and historical nets will be cast ... Kites will fly and crash into the sea ...Expenses for Students- Food&Stay: Rs. 41000/-,Local Travel: Rs.800/-+ travel expense as mentioned in expenses.

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