DOCUMENTARY BOOTCAMP: Hands on Filmmaking Techniques
Image source: Image Courtesy: Faiyaz Hawawala and Pragati Murathia

Documentary bootcamp is a compact course to learn the fundamentals of the art of documentary filmmaking, tailored for designers!

In design fraternity, documentary filmmaking is a popular medium for recording concepts, processes and learning in a non-fiction video format. It is a powerful tool for creative storytelling, providing unique perspectives to trigger plethora of emotions. And now with abundance of social media platforms, it is a vital skill to possess to showcase one's journey.

This course is planned as a hands on program for beginners and first-time independent filmmakers. It will focus on fundaments of filmmaking from ideation to distribution. It will provide nuanced insights upon script writing, directing, sound and cinema techniques as well as final editing of the film. The participants will create short documentary pieces in a collaborative format using the equipment reserved specially for the participants. They will showcase their newly acquired skill while creating engaging content. So, be it a cause or craft, place or process, history or life story, let's get real and make your first documentary film!

Course Faculty