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The workshop is meant for any level of photographers- beginners & to those who would like to hone their skills. It will take the participants through an entire process of what it takes to be a photojournalist/documentary photographer from assignment given to final exhibition.From the basics of ‘seeing’ to study a subject & break the ice with it,to spending long hours with the chosen subject to studying every aspect of their lives & make images-the participants will experience all.They all will be given ONE subject,say for example 'work'.To document 'work' that requires manual labor & especially that,which may be redundant in the coming years. Each participant selects his or her sub-subject to do an essay.Could be from a construction worker to a petty shop owner,a rickshaw puller to a doctor,the subjects are infinite & will be restricted to the 'greater' city of Ahmedabad.The participants will spend time with their chosen subjects & meet every day in the class room to show,discuss,edit & select images that will tell their 'story'.And then comes an exhaustive selection & editing process,as they would face a magazine editor/curator in the professional world.The process will take them through a method of selection for telling a story,through- say five images.The workshop will include the basics of photography where illustrated history of photo journalism & works of great masters of this field will be shown & analyzed.Code of conduct required in this field will be strictly adhered to,so that the students do not miss out on theory and real practice of this art. The workshop should ideally end with an exhibition of the work open to public and media. Expenses for Students: Material Cost: Rs 7000/,Local Travel:Rs 2000/-as mentioned in expenses.

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