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The Drawing Laboratory will take place in the historically interesting and inspiring settings of Kochi and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. This workshops is for all those who are studying/working in the field of architecture, design, applied or visual arts. For everyone that likes to deepen his/her drawing skills, but above all seeks to acquire freedom in the use of drawing as a medium of expression, communication, research and to generate ideas! "The sudden change of the line" – the very characteristic property of the medium drawing - will be the common thread throughout the workshop. Working very basically with pencil and paper, drawing is the improvisation tool above all other. It is direct and flexible and ideally suited for visualizing ideas quickly, the starting point. The character of all lessons is that we switch between working from observation and working from imagination, between mobility and utility, content and skills. In the workshop one will work with the different concepts as reproduction, modification, converting, assembling, transformation and representation. We alternately work with pictures, objects, a model and the city itself.On top of that the inspiring exhibitions of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale as starting point shall be need.At the end of the course we will definitely find a striking way to exhibit our work to the public! For all those who like to deepen their drawing skills but above all acquiring freedom in the use of drawing as a medium of expression, research and to generate ideas!

Expenses for Students : Material cost :Rs.500/, Food & Stay cost : Rs.13500/, Local travel cost : Rs.2500/as mentioned in expenses.

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