Drawing workshop regarding the vernacular architecture of Kashmir valley
Image source: artist

‘Pandit Houses’ is on going archival documentation of abandoned houses from the valley. This body of work started when I visited to look for my personnel home in Srinagar after 15 years , as I left Kashmir in 1990 due to political reasons. Though my home was burnt down much earlier in 93 and changed hands transferred in new structure of shopping, however I looked for other houses of friends and relatives. First time I encountered these abandoned houses, frozen in silence what it meant to me, my association with the place these wood and brick houses, porches called Dubb where we would sit often with family for morning chai Kahwa Tea,
So the idea is to understand its structural dynamism in terms of vernacular architecture and its use .Besides workmanship, wooden joinery, mud plaster walls ,intricacies of Khutumband ceiling and many more aspects of these houses .
May we try to make drawings of each section and understand how it stood up in the e earthquake zone for hundreds years .
We may choose individual houses or row houses facing Jhelum or dargahs shrines which carries strong tradition
Finally drawing on paper reproduced through different mediums like etching intaglio and

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