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The course has been designed with the following objectives :- 1. Introducing earthen construction techniques to participants. 2. Use of natural materials and waste generated (while extracting natural material) and help the eco-system.3 Create cross learning opportunity for students (designers) and building artisans (implementers) while working together.4. Provide real-world experience by allowing the participants to get their hands directly on learning the construction techniques thus creating a sense of empowerment.The course has an emphasis on hands-on sessions, since involvement in the construction activity provides practical experience to the participants and helps them to intensely grasp the subject.The course shall commence with an Introduction to Earth Technology. Why build with earth? This discussion with the students sets the stage for the workshop to follow. Understanding the physical characteristics of soil is an important aspect when building with soil. The session cruises towards providing knowledge of the laboratory tests to be conducted while building with natural materials. After understanding laboratory testing and the design mix of material, the students venture into the practical aspect of various construction techniques viz. in-situ stabilized rammed earth, compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB), wattle and daub, abode, domes, vaults and masonry with CSEB and adobe. This synergy creates an environment for interaction and learning. The students visit project sites to witness the construction activities. The course concludes with a presentation on Hunnarshala’s projects followed by a question answer session. Expenses for Students - Food & Stay - Rs. 6000/- ; Local Travel - Rs. 720/-.

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