Embodied and Cognitive Architecture
Image source: istockphoto.com

The course gives the students a brief understanding of the worlds of Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology that are relevant to architectural education. Cognition and Embodiment are two words that describe how we see and perceive the world with all our senses. Experiences are unique to every human being. Making students understand how spaces around us affect us, and in turn, how we as the user group affect the world around us is the main objective of this course. Beginning from the basics, known theories of architecture, the course will slowly delve into the realms of Psychology and Neuroscience where students will understand the importance of deeper workings of the human body-mind-brain system to make better spaces as Architects. The course will give the students a new perspective on Architecture by giving them a sneak peek into the world of humanities. The students will understand well-being from a scientific perspective.

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