Estranged Artefacts - Speculations in the digital realm
Image source: Estranged Artefacts

Estranged Artefacts is a design workshop that focuses on the ideation of form and aesthetics through kitbashing techniques. Kitbashing is the extraction of components from existing models, which is then defamiliarized by reassembling them in unconventional and innovative ways.
This production logic can be optimized to fit various scales - from character and product design to architectural effects. We will achieve this through an Introduction to the software ZBrush, which allows us to engage with advanced mesh modelling techniques and physics simulations. The results will showcase a hybridity between machinic artefacts and organic imperfections.
Architects and designers use digital tools intensively, primarily as a tool for management and to aid productivity. However, digital tools can offer many new ways of thinking, rather than simply a tool for efficiency. In the workshop, we are interested in exploring digital tools as a conceptual device rather than a tool for efficiency. We will break away from an archaic notion that "plan is the generator of form", where form is created through orthographic projections towards making forms that are not possible through traditional means.

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