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Tiruvannamalai,named after the central deity of the Annamalaiyar Temple, is located 185 km south-west of Chennai in TN.With a long history that includes the presence of the Pallavas,the Medieval Cholas,the Cholas,Hoysalas,the Vijayanagar Empire,the Carnatic kingdom,the town is built around the Arunachaleshwara temple which is one of the largest temple complexes in South India.The town is dominated by the Annamalai hill that serves as a backdrop for the temple & is considered sacred by the people.It orders the geographical,socio-cultural & symbolic expressions of the town.The numerous water tanks that dot the town manifest that ordering principle, creating an ecosystem centered around the water.Recent research has shown a distinct relationship between the town, the temple,the hill & the tanks.As was the norm in historic settlements,the tanks,classified as Kulams,Theerthams & Eri’s, were constructed with due consideration to the topography,geology & natural surface drains.It has resulted in a rather distinct pattern of the historic water system that will be presented to the students.Largely ignored in the present context, multiple relationships are embedded in the architecture for water.Taking cues from the existing research, the relation of the people with the tanks of Tiruvannamalai will be investigated through research & documentation.The engagement will be from diverse perspectives to bring in a multi-disciplinary understanding of the system.(25 CEPT & 25 VUT) students will present their understanding in the form of sketches,drawings,essays & maps.Students will also be encouraged to present ideas for the regeneration of selected tanks. Expenses for Students-Material Cost:Rs 1000/-,Food&Stay:Rs 7500/-,Local Travel:Rs 5500/-+ travel expense as mentioned in expenses.

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