Exploring and documenting vernacular architecture around Waghai region
Image source: Course Faculty

Waghai is a small town near the forests of southern part of Gujarat in Dang district. There are small vernacular settlements around this region where bamboo and wood is used as major construction material. Bamboo plays a vital part in these communities as they use bamboo craft in their houses and it is also means of earning.
The course aims at experiencing this place through exploring the way of living of the people around Waghai region and the surroundings. Participants will spend time with local community observing their living which includes their cultural practices, craft traditions, food, agriculture and house forms. Living in the vicinity of local people will enrich the learning with insightful experience. In the process participants will observe and document the houses made up of wood framework with wattle and daub infill partitions where roofs are mostly made up of country tiles. This will also allow them to identify the connecting link of interdependence between man and surrounding nature. The outcome of the course will be in the form of set of measured drawings of vernacular house types.

Course Faculty